✶ Gig  worker of the data economy.

Freelance interdisciplinary strategist + producer.

½ PITCH STUDIOS™—a design studio + creative consultancy lab

Observer trapped in the algorithm bubble.

Fully human, inter alia.

We've all become collectors of information and the pile keeps growing. But what matters most is turning those pieces into a meaningful whole. That's what motivates me—helping connect the dots and turn ideas into realities.

I am an interdisciplinary thinker, researcher and idea architect with a nuanced view on culture, tech and a whole lot of other things.  I (occasionally) write, create strategy resources (coming soon!) and mindmaps as a way to visually catalog thoughts.

My diverse interests and knowledge fuel an approach that defies traditional labels—it allows me to tackle challenges creatively and come up with ideas that are applicable across a wide range of projects and industries.

With PITCH STUDIOS™, we are particularly interested in—but not limited to—exploring visual storytelling and world-building narratives powered by emergent and creative technologies.

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A vector-storm of unrealized possibilities.

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The Fabricant x

CAT Footwear

      The Fabricant and CAT Footwear joined forces to devise an innovative campaign for Supercharged Intruder XL, the first sneaker inspired by the metaverse. Blending urban work site aesthetics with digital elements, our creative direction seamlessly aligned with the brand’s mission to equip people to push for a better tomorrow.

      The Brief: Devise an innovative brand awareness campaign for the Supercharged Intruder XL—a limited edition sneaker inspired by the metaverse.

      The Strategy: Recognizing CAT’s shift and Gen Z's craving for authenticity and self-expression, we suggested co-creation and customization elements to design an interactive digital experience.

      The Outcome: We created 4 exaggerated digital extensions of the Intruder XL sneaker that users could customize.

      To further enrich the player experience, we also developed a customised web AR try-on experience. The design was influenced by a range of industrial materials and textures, along with visual cues taken from rave culture and virtual interfaces.