✶ Gig  worker of the data economy.

Currently freelancing + running PS

Freelance interdisciplinary strategist + producer.

½ PITCH STUDIOS™—a design studio + creative consultancy lab

Observer trapped in the algorithm bubble.

Fully human, inter alia.

We've all become collectors of information and the pile keeps growing. But what matters most is turning those pieces into a meaningful whole. That's what motivates me—helping connect the dots and turn ideas into realities.

I am an interdisciplinary thinker, researcher and idea architect with a nuanced view on culture, tech and a whole lot of other things. I can borrow concepts from one field and apply them creatively in another. I (occasionally) write and create mindmaps as a way to visually catalog thoughts and ideas.  

My diverse interests and knowledge fuel an approach that defies traditional labels—it allows me to tackle challenges creatively and come up with ideas that are applicable across a wide range of projects and industries.  

With PITCH STUDIOS™, we are particularly interested in—but not limited to—exploring visual storytelling and world-building narratives powered by emergent and creative technologies.

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A vector-storm of unrealized possibilities.

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Dazed Studio


    NEW COMPANIONS is a research project by Dazed Studio (Dazed Media) in collaboration with Modem & PITCH STUDIOS™.

    We partnered to explore the potential for the next generation’s evolving relationship with technology. this resulted in 3 months of expert interviews, focus groups, analysis and design iterations.

    NEW COMPANIONS envisions coming of age in the era of machine intelligence through a series of speculative hardware designs for new forms of connection.

    For the design and art direction we drew inspiration from Y2K and early noughties aesthetics, infusing them with a deliberate contemporary, soft twist.

    For texture, we experimented with a palette of metallic silvers and a range of finishes —from super soft and fine smooth surfaces to textured and rough patinas— to create a juxtaposition of textures that added depth to the final designs.

    ✧˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ⟭⟬ ✧˚ ༘ ⋆。˚

    Vision + Research: Dazed Studio + Modem
    Art + design direction: Dazed Studio +  PITCH STUDIOS
    3D design: Morbo
    Text: Thomas Gorton