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Freelance interdisciplinary strategist + producer.

½ PITCH STUDIOS™—a design studio + creative consultancy lab

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Fully human, inter alia.

We've all become collectors of information and the pile keeps growing. But what matters most is turning those pieces into a meaningful whole. That's what motivates me—helping connect the dots and turn ideas into realities.

I am an interdisciplinary thinker, researcher and idea architect with a nuanced view on culture, tech and a whole lot of other things. I can borrow concepts from one field and apply them creatively in another. I (occasionally) write and create mindmaps as a way to visually catalog thoughts and ideas.  

My diverse interests and knowledge fuel an approach that defies traditional labels—it allows me to tackle challenges creatively and come up with ideas that are applicable across a wide range of projects and industries.  

With PITCH STUDIOS™, we are particularly interested in—but not limited to—exploring visual storytelling and world-building narratives powered by emergent and creative technologies.

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Antinomy Labs



      Antinomy Labs - the innovation lab of Antinomy Studio - was approached last year by an anonymous entity to create a multifaceted and engaging web3 world-building experience for an anonymous tech client.

      We speculated on the characteristics of this advanced civilization: what it looks like and what its history is, what major environmental shifts, technological milestones, and social revolutions their world went through because of AI.

      Additionally, we determined what a cautionary message to humanity might sound like. It was important to maintain an optimistic tone about the long-term implications of AI, which perfectly echoes our current anxieties humans must embrace technology and proceed not with blind faith in what they build but with caution, foresight, and careful planning.

      This intricate narrative became the backbone of an expansive and explorable 3D world. We imagined how an alien planet would look like if it were born into extreme states of existence. The landscapes evolved into a collection of 4,444 unique generative NFTs, each featuring unusual visuals.

      An immersive playable experience on the metaverse platform Mona was also built for the audience to explore, find hidden artifacts, uncover more of the overall story, as well as contribute to a gamified, digital collectible experience.

      I was tasked with—researching and developing the creative strategy, story, lore, and storytelling approach.

      Case study video → here.

      Team: Alexa Chirnoagă, Alex Rigby, Bethany Edgoose (Inferstudio),  Erno Forsström, Léo Imbert, Christie Morgan, Teresa Fogolari (Morbo), Quentin Briel–Duchâtel, Baptiste Briel, KLOAQ, Transient Labs.