A New Way to Experience

Aka my vision for the future and the kind of work I want to doPublished on: Mar 26th 2024.

Our attention is over-extended, over-stimulated, and over-commodified, making us twitchy and unfocused. This constant distraction leaves us longing for a deeper connection—not to endless feeds, but to ourselves and each other.

Personally, I am not interested in creating work for soulless efficiency algorithms that squeeze every second dry or content optimized for their algorithmic reproducibility instead of their originality.  With PITCH STUDIOS, we are dreaming of a digital space dedicated to cyber serenity. In this place, technology facilitates introspection and mental rest instead of just being used for productivity or entertainment. We want to offer a counterpoint to the manipulative and exploitative aspects of the internet.

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"Life is a dream, and we are merely dreaming”—but this dream needn't be a passive experience. We believe technology can be a sanctuary, or even a portal to a deeper understanding of the human condition, a deeper look at how humans interact with machines and ultimately with each other.

Technology offers the potential for both liberation and control. That’s why our work aims to explore the power dynamics inherent in human-machine relationships. Do we use technology to transcend our limitations or become further enmeshed in a simulated reality?

"Today's mainstream technologies are well designed for rapid consumption of information and linear, sequential action. A side effect of their effectiveness to task, however, is a loss of undirected, curiosity-driven exploration in the world." writes Gershon Dublon in his dissertation Sensor(y) Landscapes: Technologies for New Perceptual Sensibilities. Users must navigate these new dimensions of perception, and the challenge lies either in designing or engaging with technologies that facilitate perceptual sense-making. How can we encourage exploration and assist users in "making sense" of their surroundings while enriching their overall perceptual experience?

We want technology to transcend its utilitarian function. We can achieve this by thoughtfully engaging with it and by inviting mysticism into every creation. Technology, with its applications, has the potential to become a form of modern mythology, offering us a platform to explore themes that have long resonated throughout human history—the search for meaning, the fear of the unknown, and the cyclical nature of our anxieties surrounding powerful tools. 

"We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves in order to exist in this new environment. We can no longer live in the old one. Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.”

― Norbert Wiener, The Human Use Of Human Beings: Cybernetics And Society

We are shaped by the stories we tell and we cannot move into a reality we cannot describe. If we can’t describe a world, we can’t be there. Without a shared vision to articulate a future, we remain lost in the present. Information flows freely, shaping our perceptions and moving us toward an unknown future, failing to truly connect us. We believe the answer lies in a new narrative. One that bridges the digital and the real, that weaves offline, communal moments into online experiences to truly facilitate connection and community, a warmth that transcends the cold bite of information overload.

We believe in a future built upon this symbiosis—technology used to deepen human experience rather than detract from it. A world where we can collectively explore the dreamscapes of our minds, pushing the boundaries of human emotion and shared experience. We want to devise new blueprints of how a visual narrative works to produce and express human emotion. This way, technology wouldn't just reflect reality, but it would help us redefine it.

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